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About Us

Shawn Cathcart

Owner and Head Trainer

Shawn Cathcart is the Owner and Head Trainer at River's Crest K9 Services, LLC. He created River's Crest Services, LLC to provide canine training services of the highest quality and to build the bridge to independence for pet and service dog owners.
Shawn is a member of the Association of Professional Dog Trainers (APDT). He has strong ties to the community and volunteers regularly with Helpful Hooves Equine Therapy and Warfighter Advance. He also works with several local animal rescue groups. 

Shawn has an extensive background and training in K9 services; in May 2019 he retired from law enforcement after seventeen years of service. Shawn was assigned to the K9 Unit as a handler in 2013 and worked his way up to assistant trainer within the unit in the disciplines of Patrol, Narcotics and Explosives. He handled two dogs while in the
unit: a dual-purpose patrol and narcotics K9 and a single purpose explosives detection K9. In 2018, Shawn was accredited as a Patrol and Explosives K9 Trainer through the International Police Work Dog Association. 
Shawn's love of dogs, his training expertise,  and his desire to help the community are apparent when you meet him. You can see how the dogs respond to him and when you hear the ideas and solutions he has about how to help others; be it through service training or pet training, Shawn wants to help you and your dog be the best team you can be.